Les femmes de Réseau Fix — Stephanie Fritz

Au cours des 13 dernières années, elle s’est démarquée en tant que modèle non seulement dans le marché secondaire, mais également dans sa communauté.

As we continue to celebrate the achievements of women in the aftermarket business through our “Women of Fix Network” series, we also recognize their contributions to the communities that they serve.

Our latest “Woman of Fix Network” Stephanie Fritz is the proud owner and operator of two NOVUS Glass locations in Roseburg and Eugene, both in Oregon, US. For the past 13 years, Stephanie has served as a role model not only in the automotive aftermarket industry but in her surrounding communities as well. 

Running a cohesive family business, Stephanie, along with her husband Jeff, sons and other family members, took over a mobile auto glass repair business in 2009 and turned it into a thriving, successful retail business that currently dominates the Roseburg market.

With a focus on continued growth, Stephanie later aimed her efforts at acquiring a glass repair center in Eugene. Determined to make her new venture a success and while living a distance from Eugene, Stephanie spent her weeks living in a trailer near her Eugene shop, allowing her the opportunity to give her new business personalized attention and dedicated time. Following the transition of the center into a NOVUS Glass location, the Eugene facility has flourished quickly while building a strong presence in the area.

Stephanie also supports other business owners in the two communities and often promotes their products and services, whether in shop or through social media. To Stephanie, it is not enough to just have a business in her community, it is a necessity to also be a part of the community and to give back to people that are always there for her.

“My customers and my community always take priority. As a woman in the automotive industry, I have had to overcome many obstacles to get where I am today. My goal is to ignite women to pursue their passions, regardless of what they may be, and to never stop chasing their dreams,” Stephanie says. “Women are strong, innovative and capable of anything.”

Enjoying a healthy lifestyle, Stephanie often combines her love of fitness with local charity walk or run events. Always helping when they can, Stephanie and her team have been involved in many community-focused initiatives, including putting together a fundraiser for a local child born with a heart defect. They held a NOVUS repair day recently where proceeds from the event were donated to the child’s family.

 For another local autistic child who loved the sound of loud cars, Stephanie’s son and nephew organized a car parade of muscle cars with loud engines to drive by the child’s home.

“It was incredible to witness the amount of people in our city and surrounding neighborhoods participate in the parade,” Stephanie adds. “It brought so much joy not only to this young boy but to the entire community.”

A leader in our franchise organization, Stephanie is our NOVUS Advisory Council Chair for the US and even with her busy schedule is available to be a mentor and valuable support to her fellow franchisees. It is Stephanie’s determination, commitment and drive for greatness that inspire all the people around her.

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