Les femmes chez Réseau Fix – Pam Kacan

Les femmes chez Réseau Fix – Pam Kacan

As International Women’s Day draws closer, we are pleased to recognise the many women within our network who are leading, influencing, and thriving in the global automotive aftermarket business. This week, our “Women of Fix Network” series is pleased to introduce you to yet another trailblazer in the aftermarket business.

Meet Pam Kacan, co-owner & operator of NOVUS Glass Chatham, in Ontario, Canada. Pam has been associated with Canada’s auto glass repair industry for the past 16 years, first assisting her father in his successful auto glass repair business and when he retired the business was sold, she continued running the corporate operation.

In 2020, at the height of the pandemic, Pam launched the NOVUS Glass Chatham operation, with a state-of-the-art facility and a fully equipped mobile van so that her team could repair or replace windshields at the customer’s convenience. At the same time, she has been making sure that her technicians are trained in the latest glass repair and replacement as well as the latest driver assistance technologies (ADAS Calibration) to position the shop at the top of its game.

“I really enjoy working in this industry as the automotive field is ever changing and keeps you on your toes at all times,” she points out. “It has been challenging with the numerous lockdowns and restrictions. We adapted to serve our customers in the best and safest way possible. My customers are always my priority.”

Speaking about women working in the aftermarket industry, Pam says, “A great deal has changed since I first entered the business. Women have been proactively getting involved in all aspects of the aftermarket industry, whether they are owning businesses or managing repairs, claims or customer service. I believe that’s an incredibly positive trend in the right direction.”

In their spare time, Pam and her team volunteer for non-profit organisations such as The Gift CK, which collects gifts and non-perishable items from donors’ homes and donates them to different organisations in the community.

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