Celebrating Jay Bickford’s Retirement: 28 Years of Dedication

After 28 years of committed service to NOVUS Glass, Jay Bickford is hanging up his training gear and heading off into retirement. His last day is Friday, May 10.

Jay’s journey with NOVUS Glass began in the late 1970s. “Back in the 1970s, NOVUS began by distributing windshield repair kits to various end users such as auto dealers, auto body shops and fleets, and my father acquired one of those early NOVUS kits,” Jay said.  

Fast forward to 1991, when he became a NOVUS Glass franchisee in Fort Smith, AR. “I had always been drawn to the industry and the automotive world, nurturing the idea of owning my own business, so I explored opportunities to open a NOVUS Glass franchise,” he said.

Little did Jay realize this leap of faith marked the inception of a remarkable career spanning nearly three decades. “I was later approached by NOVUS Franchising in Minnesota and invited to join their team in a role focused on franchisee training and support, which I eagerly accepted,” he said.

Jay’s time as a NOVUS Glass franchisee provided him with invaluable insights that significantly influenced his training approach. “I’ve consistently prioritized my experience and background as a franchisee and small business owner when training new franchisees and their technicians,” he said. “I’ve made a conscious effort to consider what information they require and what I would have wanted to know in their position. Additionally, I’ve always kept in mind that their achievements in this industry directly contribute to our collective success.”

During his 28-year-tenure, he has held roles of Franchise Support executive, director of Franchise Training, Network Strategic Learning manager, and finally, as a national trainer within the Human Resources department.

In reflecting on his time at NOVUS Glass, Jay takes pride in the individuals he has personally trained globally, and the meticulous revisions made to the NOVUS Glass Operations manual, Windshield Repair Technical manual and NOVUS Auto Glass Replacement manual. His pivotal role in establishing the inaugural NOVUS Glass online training platform (formerly NOVUS Online University) underscored his unwavering commitment to empowering the future cohort of technicians. Most recently, Jay played a key role in developing our new Fix Network Apprenticeship Program.

His profound love for repairing, teaching and envisioning a brighter future resonates through every milestone he accomplished. Fortunately for us, Jay has agreed to ease into retirement and continue sharing his expertise on special projects as an external consultant.

“Through his various roles, Jay has demonstrated steadfast commitment to guiding the next generation of windshield technicians,” Steve Leal, president and CEO of Fix Network, said. “On behalf of Fix Network, thank you, Jay, for 28 years of contributions, and best wishes for a fulfilling retirement ahead.”

Jay Bickford


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Jack Bickford
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