Ted Andersen Vice President of Operations – United States

Ted Andersen

Ted Andersen is responsible for operations and business development for the Network’s glass business in the United States, which includes NOVUS Glass, Speedy Glass and SRP.

In this role, Ted leads the acquisition of new clients including owner-operators as well as the establishment of productive and profitable relationships with external organizations. He also drives the assessment of operational issues regarding competitiveness, the ability to stay current in trends and innovations that impact our business interests, including the improvement, development and customization of our network and products.

Ted is a seasoned veteran with almost 28 years of experience in all areas of the glass business including wholesale, retail and manufacturing. He joined NOVUS Glass in 2007 and was promoted to Vice President in 2011. As Vice President of NOVUS Glass & SRP Products for North America since 2016, Ted has been instrumental in the growth of our glass business in US and Canada.

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