Women of Fix Network – Katherine Gordillo

Women of Fix Network – Katherine Gordillo

Katherine Gordillo Employee Processes Analyst, Fix Auto Charlottetown Prince Edward Island, Canada

Once again, as part of our “Women of Fix Network”, we put the spotlight on women employees who have helped strengthen our culture, are passionate about our business and help the network thrive. One such dynamic personality is Katherine Gordillo, Employee Processes Analyst at Fix Auto Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, in Canada. Read why she deserves to be our “Woman of Fix Network”.

Katherine Gordillo of Fix Auto Charlottetown wears many hats – she lives and breathes collision repair, and when time permits, teaches Latin American dance styles to different generations of people. Born in Ecuador, she has been in the automotive aftermarket industry for a little over two years but is already making a tremendous impact.

As Employee Processes Analyst at Fix Auto Charlottetown, Katherine looks at enhancing the customer experience, creating high standards in customer service, and differentiating her shop from the competition. An important element of her daily routine is to develop strategies that maximise efficiencies of all departments and improve workflow at the shop.

“My first impression of the automotive aftermarket business was that it would be a boy’s club,” laughs Katherine. “However, during my short journey here, I have met so many incredible women who are continuously setting the standards in the industry every day. Their diversity and their different perspectives changed my perception and inspired me to learn every aspect of the business as possible.”

Fix Auto Charlottetown has seen an uptick in business, thanks for its quicker turnaround time on repairs and continuous improvement of the customer experience. The shop enjoys a 4.8 rating on Google Reviews for customer service, and was an 2022 Excellence in Customer Service finalist, according to Greater Charlottetown Area Chamber of Commerce, which can be attributed to the efforts of Katherine and the Fix Auto Charlottetown team.

When she is not working at the shop, Katherine is teaching Latin American dance to people of all ages and nationalities at the DownStreet Dance Studio. “I have always been creative. Plus, I love communicating with people of all cultures and backgrounds. Teaching dance helps me achieve that and channel my creative energies towards a powerful purpose,” she says.

She was also a part of Newcomers Community Engagement programme, now Immigrant & Refugee Services Association (IRSA), where she was a dance teacher in the Women’s Group to provide immigrant women a space to socialise, make friends, and practice skills while they are dancing.

“Moving to a new country is an experience of uncertainty, fear and optimism,” she says. “IRSA are always looking for a great future for immigrant families and I am keen to support as many people as possible in this mission. My experiences as a new immigrant myself have helped many to find their feet in this wonderful country.”

Katherine believes one can achieve so much more if they can challenge themselves. “Each day, I ask myself – what can I do better today than I did yesterday – and then go about achieving that,” she says.

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