Women of Fix Network – Fatima Amaral

Women of Fix Network – Fatima Amaral

Today, March 8, on International Women’s Day, our “Women of Fix Network” series puts the spotlight on yet another trailblazer who plays a key role in leading, influencing, and encouraging other women to join the automotive aftermarket business. Today’s “Woman of Fix Network” – Fatima Amaral – has spent the past 28 years in the business and is proud of her association with Fix Network World.

Fatima Amaral
Controller, Supercentre Auto Fix Rosemont-Iberville

It takes two to tango. Husband-wife teams in the aftermarket business always been a winning combination, each one inspiring the other. This time, we put the spotlight on Fatima Amaral and George Salsa, who live and breathe everything aftermarket. The couple believe in working hard and playing hard.

Fatima and George have been associated with Fix Auto for the past 28 years, making them the first-ever strategic partner for Fix Auto in Canada. Today, the duo owns and operates the highly successful Supercentre Auto Fix Rosemont-Iberville, the multi-brand, one-stop shop in Quebec, Canada, offering Fix Auto, Speedy Auto Service and NOVUS Glass services under one roof.

Fatima and George complement each other quite well. While George has spent the past 40 years of his life running a successful collision repair business, Fatima plays the all-important role of using her management skills to grow the business, incorporating newer aftermarket services in their portfolio, and encouraging her team to go beyond their usual call. Fix Auto Rosemont was launched in 1992, along with George’s brother Carlos, and Speedy Auto Service and NOVUS Glass were added over the years.

“I like to be in the shadows, though I have a strong personality,” Fatima laughs. “George and I make a great team – we take business decisions together, we listen to ideas from each other and from our team, and we ensure that our customers always come first. I love to learn from the people around me and I am never afraid to admit if I don’t know stuff. I don’t think I will ever stop learning.”

Despite their busy schedule, the couple actively support in their beloved community through initiatives that matter – they sponsor an annual golf tournament for charity and work with Fix Network World to support the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) every year.

Business at Supercentre Auto Fix Rosemont-Iberville has been growing exponentially over the years as customers increasingly demand their speciality services in collision repair, mechanical services and glass repair and replacement. The couple are especially proud of their 28-year-old association with Fix Network World, and their business growth has been closely linked to the network’s growth.

“We are in this business for the long haul,” says Fatima. “Even after 28 years, we can’t stop innovating and serving our customers differently.”

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