Making Your Car Summer-Ready

Choose the right tires for your vehicle so that that you can derive maximum braking performance.

As they bid adieu to those cold, dark months of winter and welcome spring, motorists in North America can once again look forward to those long trips on snow-free roads. Spring also means prepping your vehicle for those warmer days ahead.

Your car is your important investment and that means you should have a professional technician inspect your car to make sure that it can go the distance. The first thing to do is of course start with your winter tires, or snow tires. Often, motorists overlook this important aspect, leading to tire damage and, sometimes, extensive damage to the vehicle. Winter tires are a huge investment – caring for them helps to get the most bang for your buck and maximum life from your tires.

Your technician should also inspect tire pressure and the spare tire; fluid levels; and electrical equipment and brakes so that your car is in the best condition possible. If you are unsure on how to take care of your tires, you can always speak to the experts at Speedy Auto Service for proper tire care and maintenance. To know more about winter tires, click here.

Why change tires?

Snow tires are made of a soft rubber compound that is designed to remain flexible in the cold and provide better traction on icy or snowy roads. When the temperatures rise above 7 degrees Celsius, winter tires wear out faster on the hot roads.

On the other hand, summer tires have a lower rolling resistance than winters, so your vehicle will use less energy to move forward. Choose the appropriate tires for your vehicle so that that you can derive maximum braking performance.

Sometimes your tires may be punctured or may be deflated. Tire repair at Speedy Auto Service is a highly specialized service where our trained technicians perform an effective tire repair, first by removing the tire completely from the rim and locating the source of the problem. Once the technicians align the tires properly, your vehicle is good for the road again.

Changing your tires

Changing tires is not rocket science. With proper training, you can change a tire right in your garage. For greater peace of mind, you can also head to the nearest Speedy Auto Service station where our experts will do this task for a nominal fee. You can also book an appointment with a Speedy shop online.

When to change your tires

While the general rule of thumb is to change tires when the temperature hits 7 degrees Celsius or more, it’s best to do so when the temperature moves and stays in the double digits for at least a week.

Buying new tires

Always purchase tires in pairs or sets of four. You may be compromising safety if you mix new tires with old or different types of tires. Your new tires should be the same size, have a speed or performance rating, and meet or exceed the load capacity of your original tires.

Inspect your tire treading

Once the winter tires are removed, check the treading thoroughly and determine if they can be used for another winter. When any tire groove is at 2/32 of an inch, it’s worn out and needs immediate replacement. If you are not sure about the tire depth of your tires, you can consult your nearest Speedy Auto Service location.

Caring for your winter tires

Give your winter tires a thorough scrub before putting them away. By removing all the accumulated gunk and debris with a soap solution, you can ensure that your winter tires enjoy a longer life span and can withstand damage.

Inflate your tires properly

Be sure that each of your tires are kept at the correct pressure prior to storing them, as this will help to lengthen the tire’s life. Another recommended way to prolong tire life is to cover each tire using a garbage bag or seal them in the covers they came in.

Store your tires safely

Find a spot in your garage or indoors to store the tires away from rain or direct sun, and at a temperature recommended by the manufacturers or service station. Never leave them outdoors unattended or exposed to the elements as these can expedite their wear and tear. Many automotive dealerships also offer tire storage services at a very minimal cost.

Off-season Promotions

Many tire shops and service stations, including Speedy Auto Service, offer discounts on winter tires during the off-season period or a few months before winter. Watch for Speedy’s current tire change rebates or coupons to snap up a deal at attractive prices. We highly advise you to purchase from certified and reputed tire dealers and avoid scamsters selling them online.

Quick Facts

  • At Speedy Auto Service, you can learn more about performance tires, all-season and winter and obtain recommendations on the correct tires for your vehicle, for each time of year. Always use the right kind of tires for your vehicle.
  • Winter tires wear out faster on hot roads. Ideally, winter tires should be swapped for all-season tires when the weather remains over 7 degrees Celsius for at least two weeks in a row.

Here’s what you need to do

  • Tire change is a busy season at service stations. Book your tire change session at the earliest so your vehicle is ready in time.
  • Inspect your winter tires for tread quality and whether they are good for the next season. If you are unsure about this, visit your nearest Speedy location and let the pros take care of it.
  • Make sure that your technician checks the tire alignment once the all-season or summer tires are installed. Incorrect wheel alignment can cause rapid tire wear and damage
  • Store your winter tires safely
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